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Managing Your Virtual Team Like a Pro

Take a page from our Virtual Team Pro program with this 60 minute session that goes in depth on three tools and processes to increase your virtual team’s productivity by 50% or more.

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Managing Your Virtual Team Like a Pro Webinar

In this 60 minute workshop, you will learn about tools to help you deal with the three biggest frustrations when working with virtual teams -

  • The effectiveness of virtual meetings
  • The reliability of virtual teams to produce results
  • The technologies needed to transition to virtual work

During this time of COVID-19, the immediate need of converting our teams to be run virtually has been an enormous effort. For many leaders, this has left them with a myriad of frustrations. Ultimately, we as leaders fear that we will fall behind competition, lose profitability or even lose our business.

Over this 60 minute program, we will share tools & processes that will set you on the road to:

Make your virtual meetings more productive than your in person meetings

Have your team moving towards goals quickly & with ease

Give your team technology that is easy to use and that your people love

And ultimately, experience growth, have your people working more effectively virtually than in person, and have more fun doing it.

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