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About Alex

Alex Sabol is a Virtual Team Master and the creator of TIPPED, the Virtual Team Pro program, and the Virtual Team Mastery program. A West Lafayette, Indiana, native, Alex started his first business when he was 12 years old. Growing up in a family of inventors and entrepreneurs, he started his career in investment banking, helping entrepreneurs go through the biggest transaction of their life – selling their business. 

Expanding with from that experience, Alex realized he wanted to help organizations grow rather than just sell them. This brought him to an education company in New York City where he implemented strategy and growth initiatives for an international, virtual team that helped the company grow revenues from $50M to nearly $150M.

Alex is a certified executive coach and leadership development professional and now makes a difference for companies and people across the world by implementing his Virtual Team Pro & Master programs. He intends that all the work he does has an impact that will be seen far into the future for the people and organizations he works with.

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